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The Lookout case study highlights the transformative impact of on Lookout, Inc., a leader in data-centric cloud security. By integrating Embrace into their operations, Lookout achieved significant efficiency and productivity gains across various departments, including Marketing, Business Development, Sales, and Channel operations. The implementation led to a 15-20% productivity increase for Business Development Representatives (BDRs), 15-20% time savings in content creation, and addressed multi-language needs, enhancing communication and content creation in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, among others. Embrace’s integration facilitated improved new hire training, better objection handling, and leveraged existing content securely, contributing to a remarkable 2,700% return on investment. The case study underscores Embrace’s role in streamlining workflows, improving response quality and speed, and fostering better engagement with prospects and partners, ultimately supporting Lookout’s goal of protecting sensitive data within an evolving threat landscape.

The WP Engine case study showcases the impact of implementing’s technology on both internal operations and customer self-service. By integrating Embrace via Slack for over 200 internal employees and extending its capabilities to the customer portal for 170,000 customers, WP Engine achieved a 45% reduction in chat volumes and a 50% decrease in the time and effort required by employees to resolve customer issues. This strategic deployment led to a significant improvement in the efficiency of support, customer success, and onboarding processes, culminating in an overall project ROI of 1,300%. The partnership between WP Engine and Embrace has not only streamlined access to the company’s vast knowledge base but also enhanced the customer experience by enabling more effective self-service, as evidenced by the average of 3,500 questions posed to Embrace monthly by customers, with less than 1.5% receiving negative feedback.

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