AI-Powered Customer Self-Service

Increase customer satisfaction.
Deflect cases.
Lift employee productivity.

Conversational AI

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Deliver a high ROI project like WP Engine

Quantifiable benefits unlocked by Embrace from both employee productivity gains and lower chat and ticket volumes.

Overall project ROI of 1,300%

50% reduction in average time and effort for internal employees to resolve customer issues when using Embrace

45% reduction in the volume of chats generated by customers who cannot successfully self-serve in the Support section of its portal as a result of's conversational search capabilities

Your customers want better self-service

38% of Gen Z and Millennials quit customer service if they can't self-solve online.

Gartner, “Top Priorities for Customer Service Leaders in 2024”

Traditional article search is outdated

Computer screen displaying a complex traditional search interface.

Leverage existing knowledge assets

Your company has articles, knowledgebase content, FAQs and other assets already. Unlock that digital content by using for a next generation conversational search experience.

Business users can easily build and manage collections of digital content for different purposes and audiences.

Embrace co-exists with existing ticketing and knowledgebase systems

You’ve invested in Support systems. Embrace works well with your existing infrastructure and creates additional value.

Go live on Embrace in under two months

Companies are tired of technology projects that take quarters or years before any value is realized. projects move at lightning speed.

Embrace gives you control over how you provide access

Customers, prospects and partners can access Embrace with an embeddable widget, a slideout panel, a chatbot, or we can API to a destination you build. Employee users can access via messaging apps like Slack. You have choice!
Ready to experience AI-Powered Customer Self-Service?
Ready to experience AI-Powered Customer Self-Service?

In 30 minutes you’ll get an overview of the Embrace solution, leveraging your company’s public knowledge assets.