Embrace exists to improve the relationship between customers and companies

Customers and employees want to be able to self-serve access to information about your offerings in an efficient and personalized way. We’ve embarked on a journey to deliver this reality to the market.

As a founding team, we have collectively spent decades building systems, products, and processes to help companies grow and thrive. No matter how sophisticated our systems and processes, the last mile of content was always manual, expensive, and cumbersome. We’ve set out to make a company’s knowledge accessible to all those who need it, in a way we never thought possible until now.


Portrait of Derek Butts, Co-founder and Co-CEO of a Embrace.ai
Derek Butts

Co-founder / Co-CEO

Derek has spent the last two decades building software products and businesses. Derek learned the value of customer-centric design thinking during Product Management efforts at Intuit. He spent over 13 years at Workday, starting multiple functions including Product Marketing, leading multiple products over time, and heading corporate strategy and M&A on and off for over a decade. And since, he led multiple functions as a member of the Executive Team at Blue Yonder until its acquisition by Panasonic.

Seth Halpern

Co-founder / Co-CEO

Seth has spent the last two decades in go-to-market roles working in both inbound and outbound businesses with both Enterprise and SMB customers. He’s led global sales operations at both Workday and WP Engine. Seth built value-based sales teams at Workday, SAP, and Siebel Systems. Most recently he led 200+ person teams of sellers, customer success managers, solution engineers, SDRs, and growth marketers as GM of the SMB and then Enterprise Business Units at WP Engine. These professional experiences helped inspire Embrace.ai.

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