See how customers are already using Embrace to accelerate GTM

By unlocking content in a new way, we are changing what problems can be solved in a single platform. Replacing the need for multiple systems while delivering more personalized engagement is at the forefront of our customers’ minds, and Embrace is helping our customers do just that.

Our customers deploy Embrace quickly and get value in weeks rather than months or quarters, driving rapid ROI. We partner closely with our customers on the right content to use, the use cases that will be most impactful for them, and how best to get value from Embrace. 


Marketers are the content engine that underpins engagement with the field and with customers. Embrace automates the drafting process, allowing marketers to focus on the finished product:

Blog posts
Scripts for videos
Award applications
Language translations
Title ideas for events and programs
Website copy development
Social posts
Agenda and content for internal presentations
Industry-specific content
Leverage consistent brand tone and voice across every output

Sales & BDR

Sales People and Business Development Reps are in a perpetual state of learning about their company’s solutions. They’re also constantly engaging with customers and prospects via email, chat, text, phone, and video call to generate and serve demand. Embrace is creating value for these teams in a number of ways:

24×7 subject matter expert to answer product capability questions
Craft outbound prospecting emails reflective of solution capabilities and leveraging persona documentation to hit common painpoints
Leverage transcripts of best practices from top performing reps
Better tap into existing customer testimonials and case studies
Language translations
Identify top discovery questions
Grammatical and spelling review
Leverage consistent brand tone & voice across every output

RFP Responses

RFPs are a necessary part of many selling processes. They’re massively time consuming that require responding to dozens or hundreds of questions.  Embrace can accelerate your responses, while driving consistency and quality:

Accelerate RFP completion by providing responses to every question, drawing only from the content you choose
Draw from your repository of completed RFPs and security documentation
Replace the need and budget related to dedicated RFP software

Technical Support & Customer Success

Your customers will periodically have technical questions about your products. Online knowledgebases and legacy chatbots don’t allow for true self service, driving tickets and casework for Support and Customer Success. Embrace can help:

Unlock the value of your product and technical documentation
Provide a better co-pilot for Support Techs and CSMs
Allow for higher impact technical self serve for your customers, 24×7
Build scripts for “how to” videos targeted at resolving common problems
Support your customers in multiple languages

Competitive Intelligence

Every player in every B2B industry faces a range of competitors. Every player in every B2B industry wrestles with managing competitive intelligence and making it usable for their field. Embrace can help in this area in a number of ways:

Build a repository of competitor websites
Better leverage the content from your own internal competitive materials

Finally, a solution to the enterprise content problem

Enable your marketing team to accelerate content production
Enable your sales team to engage prospects and customers optimally
Enable partners to amplify your go-to-market success
Enable customer success to optimize CLTV