The Versatility of Embrace offers a versatile and powerful solution tailored to your unique needs, providing a variety of delivery mechanisms from APIs to chatbots.

At, we’ve created value for our customers in many different ways. And we’ve made it super flexible in terms of how you use Embrace. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve crafted a variety of delivery mechanisms for Embrace. Tailored to meet your unique needs. 

API Magic

First up, our API. It lets us deliver Embrace to any destination you choose. Whether it’s embedding it in a product or a web property, we’ve got you covered. You take the reins of the user experience front-end, and we power it through our API. It’s all about leveraging Embrace’s strengths in collection management, conversational search, security, and scalability. And yes, our API documentation is a breeze to use!

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Messaging App Integration

Do your employees live in Slack? We do too! Many of us use messaging apps daily to connect with colleagues. Whether it’s a quick question to a peer or a discussion in a large channel, Embrace seamlessly integrates with Slack. Get reliable answers without leaving that tool. 

Our customer WP Engine shared, “We are all about collaboration and communication so having Embrace in Slack has been so helpful!”

Embrace also has an integration to Microsoft Teams if that’s the messaging app of choice at your organization.

Embeddable Widget

Our embeddable widget is a slice of Embrace that fits perfectly into your website or portal. Fully customizable to match your branding. It’s as if it was always meant to be there. Dive into our Customers page on the website to see it in action!

Chatbot Companion

Imagine having a chatbot that’s always ready to assist. That’s exactly what our Embrace chatbot offers. It overlays neatly on your digital properties. Available wherever and whenever your users need it. It’s like having a helpful friend on standby.


Prefer a browser-based experience? We’ve got that too! It’s the perfect playground for content creation. Transform transcripts into knowledge assets with ease. It’s designed to make life easier for your employees. And, of course, it’s another way to enjoy Embrace.

Why Choose Embrace?

Embrace is both powerful and versatile. It’s designed with your needs in mind. From APIs to chatbots, we offer a spectrum of options to integrate Embrace into your digital landscape.

We’re all about making things easier, more secure, and highly scalable. And we do it in style, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your brand.

Ready to bring your self-service capabilities into the next future? Embrace is here, wherever you want it to be. Book a demo to learn more.

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