Embrace Implementations Are Built For Speed

Embrace offers a streamlined, efficient approach to integrating AI into your business, designed to deliver rapid value and measurable results.

Building AI into your business might seem daunting. Yet the journey can lead to significant growth, efficiencies and creating additional scale for your operation. At Embrace, we understand the value of time. Our co-founders, with over two decades of experience in enterprise software, have seen the pitfalls of lengthy and expensive software implementations. They’ve witnessed how delays can hinder the time to value. That’s why we’ve crafted Embrace differently. Our mission? To get you up and running, fast!

The Journey to Rapid Value
Our approach is simple yet effective. We’ve streamlined the process into five key stages, all targeted to wrap up within just two months. From start to finish, we’re talking about 60 days to transformation. Let’s dive into how we make this happen.

🔹 Stage 1: Build Initial Collections

First things first, we start with your content. This stage is all about building your initial collections. Whether it’s one or multiple, the goal is to load your knowledge into Embrace. How? Through web crawls, leveraging our growing set of integrations, or simply uploading files or folders.

🔹 Stage 2: Initial Testing

Next up, testing. This is where core stakeholders come into play. They’ll pose test prompts against the content. Feedback is crucial here. It helps us identify where outputs might not be hitting the mark. Our dashboard makes spotting knowledge gaps a breeze. Together, we’ll fill those gaps and refine the content.

🔹 Stage 3: Align On User Experience

User experience is key. We want your users to access Embrace in a way that feels natural to them. That’s why we offer choices. Want to leverage your own UX? Tap into Embrace via our API. Prefer something ready-made? Our embeddable widget or chatbot has got you covered. Even a messaging app like Slack can be your gateway to Embrace. The choice is yours.

🔹 Stage 4: Rollout

Now, the exciting part – rollout. This is when you introduce Embrace to your customers. Start with an initial cohort. Let them test the waters. Their feedback is gold. It not only builds confidence but also helps spot any remaining knowledge gaps. As confidence grows, so does your rollout. More users, more feedback, more refinement.

🔹 Stage 5: Monitor and Adjust

The journey doesn’t end at rollout. It’s an ongoing process of observation and adjustment. Our dashboard is your window into usage. It’s where you’ll continue to identify and close any knowledge gaps. This stage is all about fine-tuning to perfection.

Designed for Speed, Built for Success

Our entire process is designed with speed in mind. But don’t mistake speed for a lack of support. We’re with you every step of the way. From establishing a call cadence that fits your schedule to ensuring success with minimal technical involvement. Our goal is to lead you to rapid ROI and measurable results, fast.

For every business, speed is of the essence. At Embrace, we get that. Our implementation process is a testament to our commitment to getting you to value as quickly as possible. With Embrace, lengthy and expensive implementations are a thing of the past. Let’s get started.

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